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Coronavirus: Your tributes to those who have died

From nurses to shopkeepers, doctors to bus drivers, coronavirus has taken tens of thousands of lives across the UK. People who were dearly loved, people who may have had many more years ahead of them had the pandemic not engulfed the world.

Every day, BBC News reports the statistics, and our teams seek out the stories. Here we have gathered tributes from family, friends and colleagues to some of those who have died across the UK.

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The tributes submitted to this page are displayed at random, which means that you will see different faces each time you visit.

There are many other stories that also need to be heard, and so we invite you to contribute to this special page by paying tribute to someone you have lost.

Please tell us about them, in your own words, using the form below. Tell us – and everyone else – why they were special to you.

For more on NHS and healthcare workers, please see this page dedicated to 100 people who died while helping to look after others.

For more on how it has affected people’s lives, from tragedy to everyday difficulties, we have a collection of personal stories about life in lockdown.

If you would like to pay tribute to someone you have lost, please fill in the form below. We would like to respond to everyone individually and include all of your tributes in our coverage, but unfortunately that may not always be possible. Please be assured your message will be read and treated with the utmost respect, and your words and tributes will be used with your name and location where possible.

Please note the contact details you provide will never be published. Please ensure you have read our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

If you are reading this page and can’t see the form you will need to visit the mobile version of the BBC website to submit your tribute.

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